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Joshua Mills Interiors
Joshua Mills Interiors is an interior fit agency operating throughout Poland.
Our highly skilled team offer a custom 'fit out' and finishing service to overseas investors to complete their off-plan investment properties.
What do we do?

Joshua Mills Interiors was created by keen property developers who have undertaken property renovation and development projects for investors both in the Australian and UK markets. After success in these markets, their attention shifted to the increasingly expanding Polish market.

Their combined passion for property development and interior design is complemented by many years of project management and consultancy services in the corporate world.

It is this passion and experience that makes Joshua Mills the perfect partner to not only fit-out and furnish your apartment to the desired standard, but also to add value by distinguishing it from other apartments in an increasingly competitive market.

Meet the team

Joshua Mills Interiors has sourced and put together a team of highly skilled individuals whose combined talents provide the foundation for the agency’s ability to offer a first-rate service.

Project managers

Project managers

Our experienced project managers oversee the whole process from inception to completion by ensuring the timely delivery of materials, co-ordinating and supervising work schedules, carrying out detailed inspections and providing regular and comprehensive feedback on the progress of the project…in English!

Design consultants

Design consultants

Our design consultants are qualified interior designers and architects who use the information gathered from the clients’ specific needs assessment to create a tailored design theme for their apartment.

Taking into account variables such as building type, external environment, dimensions and specific client preferences, their design theme will provide the basis for the overall finish of your property including colour schemes, layout, and fixtures and fittings.


Builders image

Joshua Mills Interiors have sourced a highly reputable and skilled team of professional builders who have a great deal of expertise and proven track record in the interior fit industry.

Their involvement begins at the initial ‘shell analysis’ stage and concludes only when the project manager is fully satisfied with the completed apartment.

Specialist Installers

Specialist Installers

As part of our relationship with our kitchen supplier, our agency also utilises their highly trained specialist kitchen installers in order to ensure that the kitchen is fitted to the highest standard.

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